UVW Window

Designed for Budget Sized Homes

  • Sleeker Design
  • Optimum weight designed profiles
  • Maximum Shutter Dimensions 900mmx1800mm
  • Available in 2 track and 3 track
  • Wind Load Consideration upto 2 Kpa
  • Hardware design compatible with aluminium sections
  • Concealed shutter option available

51mm Slim Sliding System

Designed for Bungalows and Premium Apartments

  • Available in 2 track and 3 track frames
  • Maximum Shutter Dimensions 1500mm x 3000mm
  • Multiple Locking System
  • Maximum Load Carrying Capacity 300kg/shutter
  • Wind Load Consideration upto 2 Kpa
  • Maximum Glass Thickness 15.52mm
  • Leaf profile width on all sides is extremely narrow
  • Range of height adjustment of the guiding roller is +5mm

60mm Slim Casement

Designed for Bungalows and Premium Apartments

  • The slim profile design provides wider horizon for clear view and larger area for
    natural light ventilation
  • This new generation of slim casement window ensures superior strength of
    window profile even while being extremely narrow
  • Equipped with concealed handle, no fitting is visible from inside.
  • Special rotary transmission hardware for convenient operation & handling.

25mm Sliding Series

Imported European Roller. Slim Interlock of 20mm that gives an uninterrupted view of the world outside.

  • Sleek Design
  • Each hardware is designed to be compatible with the aluminum sections.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Lightweight sections
  • Easy to fabricate.
  • Imported European Lock.
  • Maximum Shutter Dimension’s 900mm x 1900mm

27mm Sliding Series

  • Available in —2track, 3track, 4track frames.
  • All tracks have a heavy duty Hollow Profile.
  • Option of only single available.
  • Easy cleaning by a vacuum cleaner.
  • Tracks and shutters provided with heavy-duty imported polypropylene weather strips to prevent air, noise, and water infiltration.
  • The shutter slides on Delrin encased ball bearing for smooth and silent sliding movement.

35mm Sliding Series

  • Easy cleaning by vacuum cleaner.
  • Available in – 2 track, 3 track frame.
  • All tracks have a heavy-duty hollow profile.
  • Option of single or insulated double glass for sound and heat insulation available.
  • Tracks and shutter provided with heavy duty imported polypropylene weather strips to prevent air, noise and water infiltration.
  • The shutter slides on delrin encased ball bearing for smooth and silent sliding movement.
  • Spring loaded locking arrangement of highest quality.
  • Anti-lift and Anti-rattling Nylon Moldings.
  • Anti Capillary Polypropylene Pads.
  • Shutter size upto 2100 x 2400 mm.

40mm Openable Series

  • Options for single/double shutter and openable fix openable and Door series.
  • Options for single/double glass.
  • Two-point locking is available for complete air and water tightness.
  • Profiles compatible with Euro groove hardware.
  • EPDM gaskets for longer life of gaskets.
  • Hairline corner joints are possible with the help of a spring-loaded corner cleat.
  • Easy to assemble thus achieving higher production and cost-effectiveness.
  • Possibility of double shutter window and door with flying mullion for 100% opening.
  • Proper concealed tower bolt for two-point locking for flying mullion shutter.
  • Possibility to fit mortise lock with cylinder and spring-loaded handle for doors.
  • Bigger sections for transom and bottom cill are also available.
  • Special butt hinges for higher load-carrying capacity.

50mm Sliding Series

  • System Window Series based on European groove (EG) design.
  • Large window openings up to 3800mm in height possible – more uninterrupted view to the outside.
  • Colours in Hardware available – Black or White to go with different shades of anodizing or powder coating.
  • Maximum window shutter dimensions: 1800 mm x 3800 mm
  • Glazing options: 8mm, 10mm, 20mm, 24mm and 30mm
  • Multiple tracks possible due to inclusion of monotrack frame. Varieties of shutter combinations also possible.
  • Windows suitable for wind loads upto 1.6 KPA slim reinforced interlock (35 mm) which gives us sleek look to window.
  • Rollers with heavy load bearing capacity (upto 250 Kg per shutter) for smooth operation.
  • Multiple-point locking available for security, complete air and water tightness.
  • Well designed drainage system (“Z” drainage) thus no accumulation of water between tracks which is suitable for windows in high rise buildings

Combination Window Systems

  • Especially for projects
  • Combination of Sliding & Fixed Window
  • Sleeker & Sturdier
  • Anodized add-on rail to protect from damages caused by regular operations.
  • Handle section with reinforcement to withstand wind load in high rises.
  • Multi-point locking available.
  • Special drainage for better outflow of water during monsoons.
  • No railings required.
  • Anti-capillary pad fitted from the top seals water and air.

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