Fold & Slide Door

Large Fold & Slide balcony doors are a particularly convenient indoor to outdoor area space-saving solutions for private residences, conference rooms, restaurants & much more.

  • Offers 100% Opening even for large spaces
  • Saves space
  • Quiet & convenient operation
  • Tight fold & slide system in closed position, ensuring proper sealing & energy efficiency
  • Offers better security with multi-point locking
  • Small brushes in rollers ensure largely dirt free roller track
  • Aesthetically pleasing narrow & elegant look

Lift & Slide Door

Large doors are more popular because they make rooms brighter. Living spaces, private homes, offices & business premises are all enhanced by clear views & direct access to outside, as it helps to create a real feel-good ambience.

  • Enables larger openings with width & height upto 3000 mm & heavy sliding element upto 400 kgs to be easily operated (Upto 9 meter wide & 3 meter in height can be covered)
  • Smooth running & silent operation
  • Enables locking at any point of time considering larger openings & night ventilation
  • Concealed hardware

Tilt And Turn Window Or Door/ Tilt Only/ Inward Opening Casement

Tilt & Turn windows is an extremely versatile solution for the functionality it provides within the same opening.

  • Invented by ROTO
  • Tilt function enables ventilation & turn function allows maintenance/ cleaning & egress with 100% opening, both could be achieved by moving the same handle horizontally & vertically.
  • Advanced burglary protection & sealing solution
  • The system enables high level of operating convenience, simple handling & ideal functionality.
  • Attractive appearance

Inline Sliding Door And Window

Inline sliding system enables windows & balcony/ terrace doors to be pushed to the side comfortably & practically while considering strength, tightness, reliability & cost efficiency at the same time.

  • 2-track and 3-track frames
  • Sloped frame surface and clip-on outer track made the water drain out easier and faster
  • Proper handle to ensure proper locking & security, not just the touch locks. If required can be incorporated with multi point locking.
  • External access is available by just using lever

Outward Opening Casement Window

It is designed to fulfil the design requirement of outward opening window by showcasing a particularly sleek frame while achieving a high performance.

  • Space on hinged side for maintenance
  • Multi point locking for better burglary protection
  • Completely sealed solution
  • 100% Opening
  • Concealed hinges for aesthetically pleasing look
  • No hindrance to inside furniture

Inowa Sliding Solution

It sets a new system for tightly sealed sliding systems & is therefore ideal for buildings challenged by storm and torrential rain.

  • Perfect with sash height upto 4 meters & sash weight upto 200 kgs.
  • Sliding solution with sealing all around
  • Intersection locking in the mullion
  • Uniform closing movement through multi point locking & all locking points controlled by the handle
  • Under “Sliding” concept tested for 8.5 KPA wind load resistance

Alversa Sliding Door

Alversa meets individual customer requirements as a result of modular design. The system could be designed as tilt & slide or parallel slide door with multi point locking, it turns out to be unique solution in the market.

  • Can achieve tilt & slide or parallel slide
  • Innovative opening & closing mechanism enables smooth & quiet operation
  • Multi point locking allows burglary protection & achieves sealing requirements

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